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What is the Northern California work fund?

The Lord's move is both intrinsic in nature and comprehensive in scope. Our desire is that our Savior God would gain an enlarged expression of Christ in this whole region. In order to arrive at this goal, however, there needs to be an adequate number of full-time workers, who are both necessary in beginning a work in nearby cities, communities, campuses, etc., as well as meeting the need of the existing work within their own cities. As we surveyed the situation of the churches in our region, we realized that many localities do not have the financial resources to sufficiently care for full-time workers. Since our eventual aim is to build up the corporate Body of Christ, there is an increasing sense that we must also take the Body as our unique way to meet the needs of the churches and of God’s people. It is our sincere desire that all the Northern California churches would have close fellowship with other churches in our region, so that no churches would be lacking in provisions or be limited in resources required for the increase and the spread. What we cannot do individually, we are able to attain collectively.  

The Northern California work fund was established, for the purpose of releasing the supply in the Body to meet needs of the Body. To be sure, the purpose of this fund is not to create a special class of saints to usurp the function of or replace other members of the Body; rather it is to meet the demands of various fields of labor, especially at the outset of a new situation. May the Lord gain us see the Body, know the Body, care for the Body, honor the Body, and do the work of the Body.

The following campus teams are currently being supported by the Work Fund:


Sonoma State University

SSU Bible Club


UC Davis

Christians on Campus at UC Davis


University of Nevada at Reno

Christian Students at UNR


Gavilan College

Gavilan Christians

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